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So the robot I was making has been on hold for a very long time already, been busy on an interior. At the moment it's still a work in progress and still have to do a lot of stuff and when all that stuff is done gotta do some more stuff (adding dust some smudges, fingerprints on stuff, checking what needs some wear maybe) and aligning that dang table and couch with the floor which I always forget.

Also note this isn't rendered in 1080 or with noise reduction, because well it's still a WIP





Another WIP

2015-03-23 17:25:01 by justsomerandomdude


Work in progress mushroom house

2014-10-22 12:00:24 by justsomerandomdude

So it's time to do a cliche fall thing I guess, make a mushroom house for a leprechaun
Still very early stages, only worked on it for like an hour maybe but thought "I haven't posted shit in a long time so"
So here's what i have in 3d so far and a little quick sketch bout small things supposed to be added
Still gonna add grass a little mailbox out of (idk still gotta work it out) some trees, ah well you'll see when it's finished

Progress update: started texturing

2014-09-07 14:51:34 by justsomerandomdude

I'm about 75% done with texturing depending on whetter or not I'll be creating more models or not
Then I still gotta do some tweaks to the lighting and environment map and I'll be done :O
Lower image quality due to the compression on NG might still adjust some colors tho

3D shizzle

2014-08-14 21:54:17 by justsomerandomdude

Again been a long time since I've posted stuff on this but for those interested I've been making some stuff in 3D , graduated this year from my 1 year course of it and things have been going pretty good with it.
Here's what i'm working on right now2432862_140806767581_kamer10.jpg2432862_140806760912_kamer7.jpg2432862_140806758291_Xbone2crop.jpg

Linework done watermark and signature

2013-09-12 20:28:59 by justsomerandomdude

So I have the lineart to my new project as good as done, might have a few tweaks while I'm working
I also have a watermark now :D, like any1 would steal what I make.
But what the hell, and I have a new signature , well it's my initials. It's better than always just signing
And guess what, it's all combined in a picture now :O

Linework done watermark and signature

New project starting, really soon

2013-09-12 15:56:23 by justsomerandomdude

So finally figured out what I wanna draw, and even got a title before it's finished. That's a first time...
I'm gonna call it "Free your mind" , its basicly gonna be a guy pulling and breaking the chains that trap his brain/mind.

Anyway here is a quick rough sketch of how I want the pose to look etc...
Hopefully I'll be able to capture emotion in it this time, but I learn something new with everything I draw

New project starting, really soon

What to draw ?

2013-09-11 15:24:31 by justsomerandomdude

What to draw, what to draw, what to draw
Some1 got an idea ?

Uploaded new art

2013-09-11 07:30:20 by justsomerandomdude

As the title says what more did you expect ? :O

It can be found right here

Due to the title character limit I had to shorten the original title or Nobody can see you cry when it's raining to No1 sees you cry when it rains
But yeah
Tell me what you think leave constructive criticism that I can build upon, thanks in advance

So there is something wrong with this but I can't seem to figure out what
If any1 can point it out please tell me

Something wrong with drawing