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So it has come to this

2013-07-17 22:03:40 by justsomerandomdude

Looking at art I made in the past I have come to the conclusion that it all looks lifeless and static, therefore I want to try and finally draw something that bursts of life.
(Well not exactly since I'm only used to drawing static things and portraits)
But I want to take on the challenge of trying something new in the hope to improve myself.


Anyone got any ideas on what to draw?
if you do please leave one or more of these;
-Landscape (if there is a landscape)
-Time era , if there is need for it
-Character + personality maybe backgrounds (yeah I know big step coming from emotionless portraits)
-Feeling (what would the image feel like, ex: warm, cold...etc...)

If anyone were to give me ideas I cannot promise they will be used might mix some things, it's just that I am currently inspirationless

PS: I know this is NG but no cats, clockcrew or anything related to that. Also no dicks


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2013-07-17 23:20:01

hmmm Well a character full of life would be something Nintendo I think :D

justsomerandomdude responds:

Besides Mario I have never really played any Nintendo games , so wouldn't know how to capture them correctly


2013-07-17 23:48:39

How about trying to draw something from the victorian era?