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Final art update before upload

2013-05-16 20:25:45 by justsomerandomdude

So I'm almost done with this piece and quite satisfied over how it turned out, theres a few things i wish were better but my knowledge of using a drawing tablet and photoshop aren't quite as advanced as I need them to be to make it how I like

Anyway, still need to do some minor tweaks
Don't forget the f-ing eyebrows

And some other things ill find tomorrow after a night sleap

If any1 has some last minute suggestions regarding the work itself or the background feel free to comment
Constructive criticism is always welcome

link to picture


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2013-05-18 14:26:09

Guess the minutes are over already, but looks good!

justsomerandomdude responds:

I could still adjust some things before I get it printed for school if you still have any ideas


2013-05-19 08:03:43

Ah, well I'll leave a review then. Later.