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Art update

2013-05-16 08:40:10 by justsomerandomdude

And i'm almost done with this last thing for school
tree still has to get some structure and leaves
Metal jaw still needs some shape and shading
Might add some blood and loose skin
And some tweaks here and there

I had to convert the image to a gif because it was too big to upload to NG even when its 500x700pixels

To see a bigger version with better colors go to this link (because of resizing etc in paint the rich black has faded to a matte black final result will have fuller black)
Feel free to leave constructive criticism, tips and last minute suggestions

Art update


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2013-05-18 13:57:31

That's pretty... bizarre. Smooth work on the face though.

justsomerandomdude responds:

Thank you , the final piece is uploaded now as well