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Photoshop RAM usage

2013-05-14 11:48:08 by justsomerandomdude

Ive been thinking of getting a ram upgrade from my current 8GB to 16GB just because of photoshop
What I'm making right now already uses up 5Gb of RAM memory, is there a way of reducing this without making photoshop lag? I'm worried that when I forget to save in a while photoshop will use up too much memory and my computer will freeze while trying to save

(That happend before when mcaffee starting randomly doing a virusscan)
I included a picture of what I have so far on the left and on the right what is supposed to be added (sketch overlay)

Photoshop RAM usage


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2013-05-14 13:11:16

Photoshop usually manages memory very well. I do a lot of massive work. If that drawing is 5000 x 3000 you shouldn't be having problems. Photoshop doesn't work with compressed images in memory, if you opened a blank page 5000x3000 the white pixels take the same space as colors, about 50 megs. Only when you save and it compresses the image does the pixel color come into play.

Undo history takes a big bite, you could turn down how many it keeps. (Under Edit/Preferences/performance probably)


justsomerandomdude responds:

its 7000x5000pixels big A2 paper size, And i cranked up the undo history because I tend to work on the wrong layer so I can still undo what I did wrong


2013-05-14 13:18:47

No way to stop it, close all other programs and just focus on your work, 32 gigabytes is what VERY professional artists use, you do know you can have more then one ram 'disk'.

justsomerandomdude responds:

Yeah I was thinking more of 16GB, I use my computer for more things than just photoshop, I also have to render videos from time to time which also uses ram, well that uses more of my graphics card I guess but still

And what do you mean more than 1 ram "disk" set a partition of my harddrive as workspace ?


2013-05-15 04:56:05

16GB is a massive amount of RAM! I usually shut down most other processes while working, if it starts lagging then Explorer goes too.

justsomerandomdude responds:

That's the thing, when working I also listen to music or podcasts and talk to people on facebook and skype to criticise my work as well so I can tweak it from time to time
So shutting everything down is not an option


2013-05-15 09:35:06

For music, Foobar2000 is incredibly light, barely uses up any resources at all. Browsers use up a lot though..

justsomerandomdude responds:

I use spotify for music, easiest for me and well idk if i'll be working on large scale things like im doing now after I'm done with this year of school , so it's either new RAM memory or a second monitor , not sure yet
Just wanted someone else his/her opinion


2013-05-15 11:45:57

I don't know how to say it, are they ram cards?, ram drives...

justsomerandomdude responds:

RAM Cards