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New art project in progress

2013-02-15 16:53:54 by justsomerandomdude

Still not quite certain to what I'm drawing but I'm guessing a cyborg humanoid with no face
I had a face first but it didn't look the way I wanted so I deleted it...
Still going to add something for vision in the end though

Well if anyone has any suggestions on what to add
feel free to broaden my horizon

New art project in progress


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2013-02-15 16:59:24

looks great :D u can add some blood on him and a scary dark background will be cool , also i like the face-less idea :)

justsomerandomdude responds:

Dried up blood might be added, and I had to do a dark red fleshy tone on the corner of the skin where it is "cut" for the cyborg modification
And for the background I'll see what I can do :D